Stopping frontal hair loss

The first day you realize you are experiencing severe amounts of hair loss can be a stressful day. A million different thoughts go through your mind at once. What do I do? Is there a treatment? How do I go about stopping frontal hair loss?

Indeed, you are likely not the first person that has felt this extreme stress and all of these rapid thoughts, and you certainly will not be the last. It can make you feel helpless, like there is something physically wrong with you even though you likely have absolutely no health problems. Yet because of the stress that one feels in these instances, stopping frontal hair loss can become a high priority and is something that people try to deal with as quickly as possible.

Keys to Stopping Frontal Hair Loss

The first step towards stopping frontal hair loss is to know what is causing it. You may need to visit a doctor who will run a few tests and determine whether it is biological (usually an increase in Dihydrotestosterone), behavioral (not eating enough foods that are high in Zinc and Vitamin B-6), or psychological (experiencing too much stress in your life).

When it is psychological, the only way to fix it is to either remove the stress from your life or see a therapist for help. There is no medicine, besides perhaps tranquilizers (ill advised) that is going to help your stress.

When it is behavioral, you can either take a vitamin or eat foods that are richer in those vitamins. Both behavioral and psychological forms of hair loss are completely curable, and if you find you have them and start fixing the problem right away, your hair will come back.

Dihydrotestosterone is different. If you wait too long, the hairs that fall out will not grow back, and stopping frontal hair loss will not be enough to ensure that you have a full head of hair. But if you catch it early, you can prevent the future loss of hair so that you do not end up with a shiny and bald head of hair.

With Dihydrotestosterone related hair loss, stopping frontal hair loss is possible using one of the natural hair loss formulas that have been created to use herbs, rather than chemicals, to prevent the future loss of hair. One of these treatments is known as Procerin and it is easily one of the most effective ways of preventing hair loss.

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